Gay Hendricks (Part 1)

In part 1 of our interview, Gay Hendricks talks about the distinction between our more positive “Number 1″ personas and our more painful “Number 2″ personas.

Gay Hendricks (Part 2)

In part 2 of our interview, Gay Hendricks talks about how to spot our  “Number 2″ personas (stay tuned for part 3, which I’ll post on Friday).

Gay Hendricks (Part 3)

In part 3 of our interview, Gay Hendricks offers key tools for shifting from resisting your “Number 2″ personas to loving them.  To learn more about Gay Hendricks’ work check out The Hendricks Institute.  He and his wife Katie have also authored a number of insightful books on living more consciously.  Here are just a few: The Big Leap, Conscious Living, Conscious Loving, and Conscious Breathing.

Byron Katie

Byron Katie is a world-renowned healer and teacher who has developed a practice she calls “The Work.” Like Socrates, Katie encourages us to question those beliefs that create suffering and limit possibilities.   Check out my Is it True? practice for more on the connection between Socrates and The Work.

For examples of Katie doing the work, go to

If you are interested in reading more about the philosophy behind The Work, I recommend her books Loving What Is and A Thousand Names For Joy.