Taking a Three Week Baby Break


Last week, I began the most powerful art of living experiment of my life: I became the father of a beautiful baby girl. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be changing diapers and learning from my new spiritual and philosophical teacher. I plan to start writing posts again on November 7th.

Photo Courtesy of William Arthur Fine Stationery




  1. Devon Walker says:

    Congratulations Nate,
    What is her name?

  2. Ronnie Rubin says:

    Ok, it’s been 3 weeks. Whats the dealio?
    There is no logic left in my life.
    Need wisdom.

    PS Finding myself checking my capitalization and grammer. Perhaps unsuccessfully. There is some much pressure here posting to a Phd’s blog.

  3. Ronnie Rubin says:

    Jorie, let the blogger return!!!!!!!!

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