The Practical

The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life

by Leo Babauta

Babauta has become a modern guru of minimalist living and has taken the blogging world by storm. His book is a practical guide for how to realize Thoreau’s famous call to action in Walden: “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.” Note that there is no paper version – it’s ebook only.

A Thousand Names for Joy

by Byron Katie

This book rocked my world. After years of depression, Katie had an enlightenment experience and created what she calls “The Work.” You’ll get her description of the work but also a fascinating lens into what life looks like when you drop all stressful stories. I like to think of her as a modern-day Socrates who challenges us to question everything.

Conscious Living

by Gay Hendricks

One of the best books out there on shifting toward a more conscious way of life. Hendricks is rigorously pragmatic. He explains each idea with real-life narrative and offers practices on love, relationships, sex, and living consciously that I have found transformative.

A Year to Live

by Stephen Levine

Levine’s book was a key part of the inspiration for this site. Rather than running a one-week experiment (like Life Beyond Logic), Levine offers a one-year experiment: live this next year as though it were your last. In the end, he shows that becoming more comfortable with death is often the best way to improve your life.

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