The Philosophical

Philosophy as a Way of Life

by Pierre Hadot

This book also explores philosophy as a way of life in ancient Greece.  But it also includes essays on Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius, and more modern thinkers like Goethe, Foucault, and others.

What Is Ancient Philosophy?

by Pierre Hadot

Hadot studied under the famous French philosopher Michel Foucault.  He has led the way in reviving the idea of philosophy as an art of living.  In this book, Hadot shows that both in Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum – the two great philosophical schools of ancient Greece – philosophy was a “choice of life.”

The Art of Living

by Alexander Nehamas

Princeton University professor Alexander Nehamas is one of the leading figures in contemporary philosophy. This book goes deep into the life and insights of Socrates. He portrays Socrates as a man who placed life at the very core of philosophy and compares him to Montaigne, Nietzsche, and Foucault.

The Portable Emerson

edited by Malcom Cowley

One of the best collections of the writings of Emerson. In this volume, you’ll find most of my favorite Emerson essays: “Self-Reliance,” “Circles,” “Divinity School Address,” “Nature,” “Fate,” and more.

The Portable Thoreau

edited by Carl Bode

For the hardcore Thoreau reader, this volume has all the key books and essays. It has the complete text of Walden as well as his key essays like “Civil Disobedience,” “Walking,” “Life Without Principle,” and more.

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